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Consistent, Reliable and Discreet Chauffeur Service.

Discover why many of our clients have continued

to use our service on a weekly basis since our

inception, nearly 20 years ago.


We are a company focused on the highest standards of service, which is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we go above and beyond what you might ordinarily expect. We achieve this by obsessing over the small details.

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This is not business as usual and this is

Not your average car service

Flight delayed? We know. Executive hasn’t woken-up? We’ll do everything we can to make contact with him/her and to also let you know. Major accident en route? We’ll be ready with an alternative plan. Need some confidential documents picked-up before we collect an executive? We’ll pick-up the documents in good time. Flexibility, a sense of urgency and an amazing ability to be proactive is why our customers choose us. We don’t assume it’s ‘your’ problem. It’s ‘our’ problem, and we work to solve things together as a team. To the outside world, we are one.

Blackwing Executive Chauffeur Driving In London

While others may have been tempted to diversify over the years, we have resolutely stuck to doing the one thing we know well. Not surprisingly after more than 15 years of diligent practice, we’ve become uncommonly good at our craft. We are the ultimate in luxury chauffeur ground transport in London. Practice makes perfect? It certainly does.



We lead the way in the relentless pursuit for excellence. We are a traditional company that understands what we’re here to do. Our job is to deliver an outstanding service, without intrusion or interruption. Through our unique combination of style, versatility, consistency and technology, Blackwing has raised the standard of ground transportation to unprecedented levels, providing our clients with an unparalleled driving experience - because that’s what we’re here to do - to out-deliver expectations on every significant criterion.

Don’t take a chance.
Take a Blackwing.

Mercedes corporate Chauffeur service
Rolls Royce’s, Bentley’s and Range Rovers are great vehicles

Since our service began in 2004, we wanted to offer a simple solution to corporations operating in London, Edinburgh and Dublin. The vehicles we have to offer - all Mercedes-Benz, are refined, yet fulfil the needs of most companies.


We haven’t diluted our offering with every vehicle under the sun. Rolls Royce’s, Bentley’s and Range Rovers are great vehicles, but they are wrong for our service. Our clients want to keep things simple. Mercedes-Benz E-Class for senior managers, Mercedes-Benz S-Class for senior executives and directors; and the Mercedes-Benz V-Class for groups of up to 7 passengers.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class -v- Mercedes-Benz S-Class

We’re not in the business of advertising the fact that we have clients in the vehicle and we don’t wish to draw any attention to ourselves. We are a B2B service and leave all that fancy stuff to the others. We carry out our duties with discretion, reliability and professionalism at all times.

The other main factor which determines our vehicle line-up is their climate-friendly credentials. We are moving away from the internal combustion engine, to fully electrified vehicles in order to become as close as possible to zero-emissions. The type of vehicles we drive play an important role in achieving our goal. We already have the Mercedes-Benz S560e, which is a hybrid. This vehicle has been exempted from the London Congestion Charge as well as the Ultra-Low Emission Zone charge by TfL. The vehicle emits a low amount of CO2, allowing us to use this vehicle in confidence within the cities in which we operate.

Why take a chance with ‘on demand’ transport services such as Uber or Lyft - where there are no assurances? No assurance of a car being available, no assurance of a full-time professional driver and no assurance of the price (aka surge pricing). Our service guarantees availability once confirmed, and the car will always arrive on-time. The prices are also fixed. No surges and no surprises.

We pride ourselves on having cars always available, spotless inside and out, driven by experienced chauffeurs who are ultra professional, discreet and always punctual. So why take the risk? Book with us and 'guarantee' your car will arrive on-time, every time.

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