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Serving businesses is our raison d'être

Blackwing exists to serve business. Period. Our services are designed to serve the specific needs of businesses and corporations, including our comprehensive online booking system.

We understand the need for urgency. Roadshows or airport transfers are time critical and we do whatever we can to help in these situations.

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Our web and mobile booking app

With our mobile app you can:

  • Book and pay for trips, all within the app

  • Track your driver’s location and communicate

  • Manage pick-up and drop-off points

  • View/amend upcoming bookings/trips

  • Switch notifications on/off - you decide which to receive (some cannot be turned-off)

  • Run both a corporate and personal account and easily switch between the two

  • Receive 1.9% reward for each paid invoice - acrues on a per passenger basis (where each executive passenger will receive the reward to be used on his personal account) or for the main account - to be used for future bookings  (no cash alternative is available)  if you opt to receive rewards on your main company account this will be applied as a discount every month  (available from month 3).

Blackwing Executive Chauffeur Driving Mercedes-Benz

Other Features

  • Create teams (of passengers) and decide which class of vehicle is available to each group or individual and during which times - giving office managers greater cobtrol over budgets/spending

  • View previous invoices for the past 12 months

  • View data showing usage/highest users in terms of billing

  • Request invoices in PDF or CSV and pay automatically with a credit card or bank transfer

  • The mobile app can be used for personal use, as well as linked to your business account - personal trips are billed to your personal credit card and business trip to your business credit card or added to the business’s bill

  • Book multiple cars for your own (buiness) customers and monitor the journey in real-time

Our new booking system will be available

to all our London chauffeur customers in Q3 of 2021

Blackwing Executive Chauffeurs Driving Businessman to a Meeting