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Diplomatic Car Services

Diplomatic Clients and VIP’s should never underestimate the value of being driven by a professional company - to the outside world, we are one.

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Professional as Standard

Blackwing has over 15 years experience meeting the exacting needs of Diplomatic and VIP clients.


Our chauffeurs are familiar with the procedures that accompany the handling of VIP’s at the arrival and departure terminals at all major London airports and private jet centres.

Our chauffeurs will assist you and/or your close-protection team and be ready at all times. We will also drive you on or off the tarmac airside.

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 We are accustomed to the exacting needs of VIP’s

Think of us as an extension to your own embassy transportation team. We will work with them and/or your security team and The Police, to deliver a seamless service.

We are ready and by your side, all the way to wherever you need to be. We know meetings can often run over-time. So we won’t stand-down, until instructed to do so.

You can rest assured that we will conduct ourselves in a highly professional manner, whilst at the same time, delivering a personal service.