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The Future

Future is bright.. its electric.

The EQS will likely arrive in the UK at the start of 2022. Although not confirmed to be the electrified successor to the current S-Class - thats what it’s being dubbed as, because it’s big and luxurious and packed full of the latest technology just like the current S-Class! This is going to be a true rival to Tesla’s Model ‘S’!

This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is a major step in our plan to become the UK’s first zero-emission chauffeur service. Achieving this goal has been on our horizon since 2016, when we introduced the Mercedes S550E Hybrid. This vehicle has been superseded by the new Mercedes S560E. The Hybrids are certainly a positive step in the right direction, but all efforts ultimately lead to electrification.

A fully electrified fleet will allow us to deliver the kind of service that 15 years ago would have seemed impossible. The greatest criticism of our industry is the harm it does in terms of metropolitan pollution. This argument will be closed forever. We already use renewable energy to recharge our hybrids. We will continue to do this once our fleet completely switches on (!) to the new electric generation.

We will continue to invest in our future and your well-being. Business continues, but we have found a way to kerb the amount of CO2 we release during the day-to-day running of our business. This is the holy grail of chauffeuring - and it’s nearly here.

Take a look at the gallery below. We hope you enjoy these images of the early prototype of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Mercedes V-Class EQV

The new electrified V-Class is expected in 2022 in London

It will be one of the first electric minivans to come to the UK market. First unveiled in the Summer of 2020, The new EQV will be a statement of our commitment to the planet, and our intention to become a net zero carbon emitting car service.

Great news for chauffeurs in London!

Admittedly, we have a special interest in the Mercedes S-Class and V-Class. These two vehicles are the most popular within our fleet and we want to see them electrified as soon as possible. Our future depends on this. We’ve promised to become a net zero local carbon emitting company by 2025. We have made this promise to ensure our industry can continue to operate without causing further damage to our planet.