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Bentley Plans to go Full Electric by 2030!

Bentley Motor Cars - the grandfather of luxury cars for the past 100 plus years - plans to produce only full electric cars by 2030 and further pledges to produce only plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) and Full Electric by 2026. As if those of us advocating the green credentials of full electric vehicles needed any more endorsement. Of course this is a hotly debated topic. However, there’s little doubt that electric vehicles are the only viable option available now, which is the point. We’ve already reached the point of no return as far as the planet is concerned. Other options such as hydrogen powered vehicles require billions of pounds more investment to get them anywhere near where electric vehicles are at the moment. We simply don’t have the time or money? Qudos to Bentley for their huge commitment. Our London Chauffeur Company has also commited to go full electric by 2030. We’d like to see the Bentley Bentayga in full electric and will be offering our clients the option to book this vehicle once we get it in its full electric form…. We at Blackwing Executive Chauffeurs recognise the urgency to act now to protect our planet as well as our immediate environment/air qulaity - which is why we use our climate-friendly Mercedes S560e, which is an electric Hybrid Luxury vehicle also exempt from the London Congestion Charge and ULEZ, due to its low carbon emitting credentials. The S560e can run on pure electric power when under 80 mph, which is all of the time when driving in The City of London - London’s oldest financial district. To further strengthen our commitment to the environment, we have been a Net zero carbon emitting company since 2019 And will continue along this path in offsetting the emissions produced to power our electric vehicles. Doing something is better than doing nothing.