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Carbon Neutral? Really??

Carbon Neutrality seems to be all the rage these days, most companies strive to become Carbon Neutral. We started our journey to become Carbon Neutral at the end of 2019. But what does it really mean? We've looked very closely at this. At Blackwing, we wanted to go further than most, and not just off-set our emissions, by purchasing carbon credits, so that what we release in to the air is offset somewhere else! And what about the emissions released into our locality? Once released its out there forever! For us that meant we had to replace the vehicles we use, with cleaner ones - electric vehicles, by the end of 2022, we would have replaced all our cars with electric counterparts, namely the Mercedes-benz EQC to replace the S-Class and the Mercedes-Benz V-Class to be replaced by the EQV. For more luxurious rides, we will have in place the Range Rover Autobiography electric version from 2024, but as of April 2022, now in fact - we have already replaced vehicles as detailed above - all our Roadshows will be driven in an EQV full electric, so our roadshow customers can rest assured no damage is done to the environment, as a result of their transportation, travelling inbetween meetings in London.