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Using What3Words makes us more professional!

Secret - the what3words app makes us more professional. Despite using this app for over 2 years, during which time, we’ve been taking all the credit (I hope the guys at w3w don’t mind!). It truly makes us look more professional. When we have a VIP to pick-up and are told the ‘exact’ location of where to pick-up, sometimes it can be difficult to find the location using the traditional street address/postcode, especially if the location is rural or if we’re told to pick-up from a particular building in The City of London. Large buildings usually have many entrances/exits, there’s no-way to know which exit the client will be standing at - there are usually entrances/exits on each corner of a building, and more entrances/exits in other locations. In situations like this, we’ll ask the VIP’s PA to send us the what3words location and we’ll know exactly where the VIP is!

We also use what3words for our financial roadshows. We will contact those meeting venues we are unfamiliar with and ask them the exact spot to drop-off clients therefore making it easier to walk to the most convenient lift or escalator. Once they let us know, by giving us the 3-word location, no mistakes can occur. Although we usually know exactly where to drop-off (we’ve been doing this for around 20 years!), we like to take a ‘belt and braces’ approach. We have even found a new client using this approach, where the people we were calling were so impressed at the amount of homework we were doing to ensure a flawless roadshow. what3words not only helps us provide a flawless customer experience, it also helps us stand out from other chauffeur companies.